I’ve reached 5k+ followers (holy dinglebats, guys, that’s AMAZING THANK YOU SO MUCH!)  And, well, I figured it was high time I did a giveaway to celebrate, by golly, and pass on some love to three lucky winners! 

Winners get:

  • First pick: All four 8.5x11 sprite prints
  • Second pick: Two sprite prints of their choice
  • Third pick: Remaining two prints
  • Probably random doodles or something when I ship them, ehehe!


  • Reblog as many times as you want (likes count) - just be mindful of followers!
  • You don’t have to follow me, but hey—maybe I’ll do stuff in the future and it’d be mighty nice! :)
  • Keep your ask blog open, and be prepared to share your address with me so I can ship them.
  • US residents only—sorry guys, I don’t want to deal with international shipping/rates! :c
  • Please respond within 48 hours, or I will select another winner.

Giveaway ends August 1st!
Thanks again for all your support, everyone, and good luck! <3
Btw, this is in no way affiliated with tumblr, and uhh, here’s for hoping it doesn’t mess up my giveaway at all so I can do it proper-like! -crosses fingers-

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